Church Council

Council Members

  • President                 Tania Anderson     
  • Vice President      Tim Kratz
  • Secretary                 Angie Chappell  
  • Members:                Chair &/or Committee Liaison 
  • Ann Ciske                 Global and Local Ministry    
  • Halley Harms          Christian Education   
  • Tania Anderson      Finance Liaison 
  • Robin Kvalo            Worship & Music
  • Don Bender             Stewardship
  • Jack Paulson          Property 

For all unlisted telephone numbers, please  consult your church directory or call the church office at 608-742-8502.


When does the Council meet? Monthly on the third Thursday of the month, unless there is a calendar conflict. See Calendar of Events Page for updates

2018 Annual Report

The Bethlehem Church annual meeting was held on February 3, 2019. 

The Annual Report can be downloaded below.

Annual Report 2018 (doc)