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Our quilting group meets every Tuesday morning at 9 am from Labor Day to Memorial Day to put quilts together for the needy, both at home and abroad.                

Youth & Family


Bethlehem offers Sunday school for grades preschool to 5th grade  on Sundays at 10:15am from Sept - May and Confirmation classes for grades 6-9th on Wednesdays at 6:30 pm from Sept - May. We also have an active High School Youth group.

Women's Group


  Bethlehem's Women's Group is an opportunity for the women of the church to gather in the name of God to support our church and each other. One of our major projects is holding a Women's Tea in fellowship with the women of Bethlehem and the women of the surrounding communities. The Tea offers us the opportunity to show evangelism, and fellowship in support of women inside and outside our congregation. 

Bethlehem women's group meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month from Sept through May at 9 am at the church unless we schedule special opportunities within the community.  As a group, we not only support each other, but also have supported projects in the church with the money raised from the tea. Please consider joining us.

Adult Education


  • BIBLE STUDY - Join Pastor Jen Tuesday at 11 am
  • TAI CHI - Join us in keeping both body and soul exercised during Tai Chi, offered on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 10:30.
  • ZUMBA - at 6:30pm on Tuesdays
  • EUCRE - If you care to see what's in the cards for you, join in the weekly Monday night Euchre gathering at 6:30pm
  • PRAYER GARDEN - Take a walk through our prayer garden and find a unique and tranquil place to rest and meditate. Plants are identified through out the garden, to assist you in planning your own garden. If you're interested in discovering the health benefits of plants in the prayer garden and other areas of the property, you can contact many of our Master Gardeners who would be happy to assist you in discovering the benefits of plants all around the church.

Global & Local Missions


OUR MISSIONS: Local and Global mission helps facilitate the needs of  both local and overseas projects through:                                    


OVERSEAS MISSIONS:                                            

  • MISSION KITS - The assembly of health kits for overseas mission projects
  • BANDAGE ROLLING - We assist the congregation in cutting sheets and rolling into bandages that can be used for overseas health ministries.
  • For more information on these above -ministries you can check it out at: Global Health Min   

LOCAL MISSIONS                                                      

  • SUPPLY COLLECTION -This ministry sponsors collections of various items through out the year,  for example, school supplies,  donations for the food pantry and River Haven   



 Bethlehem  currently offers two different worship experiences. Regularly, we offer  Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services following the Evangelical  Lutheran Worship (ELW). These services are enhanced by choir, who  normally perform at 2 services each month, as well as vocal and  instrumental soloists. One Sunday each month, usually the second Sunday,  we offer a service lead by our Praise Team, a group consisting of  acoustic guitars, bass, piano and singers presenting contemporary  Christian music. 


Organists: Carla Gerhardt (lead organist), Kris Soderman, Ronna Pate  

Choir Director: Kris Soderman

Praise Team Contact: Kris Soderman

Bethlehem choir music

Music performed by the Bethlehem Lutheran Church Choir